You Were Made For This!

You were made for this!

Regardless of your temperament or natural bent, when you put your faith in Christ and Christ put his Spirit in you – he began to change your way of seeing the world around you. God gives you eyes of faith, not fear; a mind filled with peace, not anxiety; and a heart that doesn’t carry the burdens of this life like the world does. My friends, this is not just positive thinking, this is true and it’s times like we are living in today when those truths are most emboldening for us and comforting those around us. That is why this weekend, as we begin week one of the Governor Northam’s statewide social lockdown, I will be addressing how we can be Socially Distanced But Spiritually Connected. You will not want to miss this!

Join us online for this weekend’s church services. On our website we have a link that says “Watch The Broadcast”. Please join us at Saturday 5:30pm and Sunday 9:30am & 11am as we stream these services. This is part of the way we are doing community online. During each of these services not only are you getting the message God has given us, we are staying connected through our online availability to pray with you personally if you want that. I so miss each of you!

Vineyard Kids wants to equip our families to bring the love of Jesus to your children in easy, relatable ways. Go to our website, and click on KIDS to find helpful resources! We will continue to update this page throughout the week.

If you become sick or fall into difficult times and need help in anyway, please let us know. We want to pull together during this time. We are helping to serve those in our church and in the community. Obviously, we didn’t have a COVID-19 line item in the church budget when we began the year but we have one now! We have been able to help people financially, help them personally in other ways such as by giving them rides, cleaning their homes, and providing them with healthy meals. One of the ways we are helping people is with our “drive through” Food Pantry. Last Saturday we served 98 very grateful people. I would also ask you to continue to give financially to the church so that we can continue to serve our city and our world.

Sharon and I want to pray a prayer of protection and blessing over you: “Lord, we pray right now that you calm every heart and mind who is reading this. Lord, you are aware of everyone and the needs they have for themselves and their family. We pray your provision, your favor and your abundant supply on them. Lord, we rebuke this virus and command in Jesus’ name that it would not come near us. Give us confidence, strength and joy in all our days… including these days. Amen.”

I look forward to meeting with you online this weekend, and I am so grateful for each one of you.

Love Andy and Sharon

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