COVID-19 Update 4/24/2020

Our nation is confronting one of its greatest challenges of our generation. For many people, the global COVID19 pandemic understandably causes them to feel worried and anxious about their future. It’s in times like we are living in right now that sets Christ followers apart from those who are living by the world’s values.

That is because we can be assured that God is going to provide and protect us all the days of our lives (Psalm 23).

While Virginians have and continue to be in quarantine, not all of us are quarantined. We know that many of you or your family members are healthcare workers, first responders, mobilized military, or in other jobs that put you in harm’s way. We want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your profound devotion to keep us safe and well in this hour of great trial. You are our heroes. We pray with all of our hearts that God will keep you and your family safe, healthy, and strong.

There is not a time in history over the past century when the entire world came to a practical standstill as it has at this moment. We have entered a unique hour that we cannot ignore. We pray that the Lord guide you and your family to reconnect with Him and with one another. We also pray that this hour of trial will become an hour of opportunity for each of you, from this day until it is in our rearview mirror.

This weekend, on our online services, we will be looking at four specific opportunities that the COVID-19 crisis presents to each of us. We encourage you to invite somebody in your phone’s contact list to join us as we look at “YOUR PART TO RE-OPEN AMERICA.”

We have three different platforms from which we are streaming our services:

Also, we will be serving 100’s of people this coming May 2 through our Food Pantry. If you know somebody who would benefit from this ministry, even if that person is you, let them know to just show up to our “Drive Thru” between 10-11am. They will not need to even get out of their car!

If you would like to donate directly to our Vineyard Food Pantry to help with our upcoming outreach, please text your donation to: 45777 and then type VCC $50 COVID19 (or whatever amount you would like).

If you want to know other designations, type in VCC KEYWORDS and a list will come up.

Of course, you can always drop food off at our church campus, just come to the main office door. We have a receptionist there from Tuesday – Friday, 9-5.

We love you and are praying for each of you.

Miss you dearly,

Andy and Sharon Meade

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